Mark Wahlberg’s ultimate travel workout

IN THE PUBLIC eye for more than a quarter century—first as a rapper-turned-underwear model, then as a film actor, and now as a producer/entrepreneur as well—Mark Wahlberg, 46, has always managed to make fitness a priority, even when his travel schedule has kept him constantly on the move.

“My philosophy is it’s easier to stay in shape than it is to get in shape,” he explains.

Wahlberg’s trainer, Brian Ng

uyen of Brik Fitness, has helped his client maintain a muscular physique by devising quick, compact workouts that can be done just about anywhere—from a hotel room on the road to a trailer on a movie set.

That type of training versatility is crucial for the actor, considering the demands some of his past roles put on him: For example, he had to muscle up for Pain & Gain; shed 60lbs for The Gambler; pack on 20 for Deepwater Horizon; then get super-ripped again for Transformers: The Last Knight, in theaters June 21.

“I like the physical preparation as much as the mental,” the star admits.

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